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Starting A Day With Dumpster Diving Is Never A Good Indication of a Good Day

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As a rule, the day cannot get any worse if you start it off with dumpster diving. But then, I have been wrong before.

1. I woke up with the fear that the sheet on which I store all my students' grades, has been lost (see: recycled). I looked through every single piece of paper in my apartment with no success. I could just email my students to show me their last lab reports, and record the grades again... but that would show a weakness on my side. Instead, tugging two magazines that I used as a pretext to go dumpster diving, I went and looked through the soaked recycled paper. No success in that department either. But oh wait! This gets better! I found the paper! But oh where?! Tucked into a book that I looked through ten times before! Splendid!

2. I brought candy for my friends. Stan is a friend. Thus, Stan got some candy. While eating and licking his fingers from the delicious candy, he announces he will never take anything from me again, since I might use it against him. Truer assumption has never been spoken before. Then, I stutter. So he makes fun of me. Like OMFG! It is middle school again! Yay fucking yay! While the speech therapy helped, I still manage to stutter here and there when I am nervous. Deal with it!

3. I took an exam. No freaking way was that shit in English. I did not understand any questions. But it is all good! All good! Because I was not the only one. And it is all good because my average is so high, that I can allow this little slip up.

4. I got schooled by a five year old. To my luck, it was not just ANY kid... it was my research advisor's* kid. The kid sees me and screams her hi's and says my name. CORRECTLY! HOLY FREAKING CRAP! My jaw dropped. I get surprised if someone can say my name five minutes after I introduce myself... not to mention the impossible: pronounce it from its spelling! But this kid... I met that kid in August (BRIEFLY!) and keep in mind, this is November! Then my research advisor, also surprised, comments: She knew your name, but do you know her name? And my jaw unhinged. I DIDn't! But wait! The kid gave me hints, and eventually gave up and just told me the name, which made me more embarassed. But my embarassment did not end there, why would it? I was on the roll in being embarassed! The little conversation that I had with her, she kept repeating my name every other word, just to rub it in my face that she knew it and I didn not know hers.
Imagine this situation: me embarassed as hell, my friend and my research advisor laughing their butts off as I am getting abused by a five year old. Did I just ruin my future?

5. I got some good piece of gossip. One of the genius professors at my school is a raging alcoholic. While it should come as a surprise, it really is not. It makes more sense now. Us chemists, especially us physical chemists, need to be drunk in order to study this shit. Otherwise, ... otherwise it is... it is way too impossible.


* let's call him Dr. A (for totally freaking AWESOME!). Not his real initial, but works.

11:40 p.m. - November 10, 2008


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