Because It's Better To Be Irrational With Me Than Rational With Someone Else



i betrayed my beliefs. i am a hypocrite to myself. i bought an ipod.

see, i was a dedicated creative user. ipod for me was too mainstream. but yesterday i broke my beloved creative, and a i could not find a creative that had enough capacity to hold my vast amounts of crazy music. so i went to best buy to get either zune or an ipod. and this is the conversation that followed:
-- "you have five minutes to convince me one way or the other: zune or ipod."
- blank stare
-- "no, seriously. convince me. throw all the tech lingo you want. knock yourself out."
- biased towards ipods, he describes all the accessories
-- "don't much care for accessories. docks for tv, the computer, the alarm clock... and any other docks. i want something to plays music. music is not about accessories."
- tells me more. itunes. how popular that thing is. wow! fabulous! i lived in a cave for the past 5 years, i haven't realized...
-- "okay. do you have an ipod? good. well describe me the ipod in your own words from experience, because all the specs i read online."
- and he does. all the pros and cons. he is amused with me.
TEN minutes later: -- "you have convinced me. i am now like everyone else"
- "what's wrong with being like everyone else?"

now. just because everybody has the same item, does not make that item any better than anything else. it also, does not mean that these people know what the hell they're doing. they just assume that the very next person knows what he/she is doing, so they must follow.

to be unique, i bought different set of earbuds. some green/yellow/red ones. snazzy!

now i'm using this ipod thing. it just feels wrong. very wrong.

i have a very bad feeling about this. very bad.

* he also included his phone number on a card. stupid me asked if it's for customer service needs, and he just winked. i take that as a yes.

10:48 a.m. - November 15, 2008


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