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In Which I Discuss My Vast Knowledge of Computers and My Dislike of Ipods

in seventh grade i learned how to use macs. this was my first encounter with a computer. when i became proficient in the wonderous and fabulous world of these grandpas of today's i-world, i entered the eight grade and had to learn the windows system. windows appealed to me with its fool proof easy-to-use system. but i did miss the fact that i could totally change the color of a folder in a mac.

as i entered high school/college (i was computer curious and confused for a long time), i taught myself how to program in c++ and basic, and to write in html. in college i started out as biochem/molecular bio major, and you know how those crazies like their macs. so my skills in macs became super duper fabulous. and then it went all down the shitter when i became a chemist. back to basics. back to windows.

now i'm a grad student. now i'm polishing my linux and perl and scripting skills. ah yes.... us physical chemists have this love affair with linux and perl.

but my point here is... i hate my ipod. it does this clicking sound when i scroll through stuff, but when i disable the clicking sound, i suddenly realize i miss it, so i enable the clicking sound, just to realize the clicking sound drives me nuts, so i disable it.....

it also fits so perfectly fine in my pocket.
it pauses the play if my earpieces get disconnected.
what kind of possessed piece of technology is this?!

i am probably being unfair by not disclosing an important piece of information here: i did own an ipod before. i just realized it was not me. creative was me. ipod, no. creative, possibly yes. but i guess it was fate and we are once again back together. me and my new ipod.

hmm i wonder if i can get a dual phd in physical and computational chemistry and computer science. i mean... shit, i know a LOT about them computers. i got three of them on my office desk, and two of them i was handed in form of pieces collected in a box with a note: "heard you like puzzles, so enjoy putting these together".

8:36 p.m. - November 16, 2008


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