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In Which I Discuss The Fight My Face Has Lost To

It is snowing on daily basis now. So my birthday wish will be (hopefully) granted: snow on my birthday. Ten days until I am 24.

In other news. I look like I have been in a fight. My face lost. I cannot tell what I went through last night, if it was series of seizures, hallucinations, night terrors, or even a combination of all of them, but it took toll on how I m looking and feeling like today. For all I know I am never conscious during my full blown seizures, but the aftermath I am experiencing right now, is completely exactly on the spot with that of after-seizure.

All I know is that for whatever reason my senses heightened and I felt and could pinpoint every firing and synapse of each and every single neuron in my brain. Every single abnormally synapsing fucking neuron. With each split second synapse, a flash a sound an image a smell a sense occurred. It was all too overwhelming. All too unnecessary. Each series of images sounds smells senses lastes couple minutes. With a minute break from my paralysis, I would have just enough time to reposition myself in the bed so I would not drool on myself. Punkster knew something was wrong, but all he could do was push me with his nose to see if I am alive and whimpered quietly (he is well trained to be quiet at night unless it is an emergency).

This is why they tell epileptics NOT to live alone.

8:45 a.m. - November 20, 2008


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