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On How I Surprised Everybody By Missing My Surprise Birthday Party

And this is how I missed my own surprise birthday party:

Yesterday, attacked by major boredom, I called up my new convicted-felon-possibly-bipolar stranger-friend, and we decided to hang out together. Why did I call him up, when I had just OH SO many of my friends to pick from? Because all of them insisted they were going to be just OH SO extremely busy this weekend, so I did not even bother.

So yesterday evening, tired, I come back home and finally check my messages. Although glued to my cell 24/7, I did not realize that I missed around ten calls. Each one of them were asking me when will I arrive, why am I so late, and so on.

Where was I supposed to arrive? To what event was I so late? The plot thickened! So I kept on listening to the voice mail. Only the last v.m. revealed that I missed my bday party!

It took me couple hours to piece all the information together, but this is the rundown of all the whats and whys and becauses:

1/ I hate surprise bday parties. If I am tricked into going to my own surprise party, I will thank the guests, and then leave.
2/ Knowing this, my friend told me the exact date when my party should be: Dec 6th. (6 days after, but no-one is around during the actual date).
3/ This decision was, however, overwritten by the party planner at whose house the party was hosted.
4/ Everybody, except me, was on it. No wonder everybody smiled when I mentioned the date 12/6.
5/ Everybody was so excited about the whole ordeal, that they forgot to warn me not to make any plans on Saturday (yesterday).
6/ They also forgot to randomly pick me up for a random activity that was completely NOT my birthday party. Or at least tell me where I should show up for that completely b-day non-related activity.

And that is how I missed my own surprise birthday party which was a complete surprise to me. Trust me, it was.

My b-day party part deux will occur on 12/06 and it better kick yesterday party's ass. Or I will raise some b-day-girl-diva ass!

9:17 a.m. - November 23, 2008


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