Because It's Better To Be Irrational With Me Than Rational With Someone Else


Yea... My Heart Is Palpitating and Its Not Because of the Fireworks

So I got a text message:
Filmmaker: “So have any plans?”
Me: “No. I was just driving around. Spontaneously.”
Him: “I have a three hour break. I'll come over and we can watch a movie.”
Did this balls-less guy just invite himself to my apt? MAH CRIB?! I almost shit myself.
Me: “Oh sweet! Do that!”

Oh shit oh shit oh shit. I started cleaning. I tried to do my hair... and i'm like, fuck this fuck this, I need a shower. So I showered. Omg... this kid had no balls … what the hell is going on? A movie? WHAT?! I'll give him a fucking movie.

He comes over. Wanted to watch the Seven Samurai... yea total date movie (great movie by the way... if you're paying attention). I TRIED not to talk because he never saw the movie and was interested and you just HAVE to pay attention to the subtitles... you have to... because you won't understand why and who is swinging their katanas at whom.

Then I made a joke about rice balls. PERFECT. He suddenly grabs my leg and pulls it towards him. I almost died. Then I made a joke about a katana. Then he grabbed me and started making out.

Couple hours later, I smelled like sunblock and the sea.

Before he left, he apologized for jumping on me and rushing things. Yes... rushing things. It ONLY took over a month. He said he's normally very reserved and shy about these things. Yea, if him throwing himself at me is reserved, I can't wait to see him... not reserved.

I had to kick him out of my apartment. I hope my old conservative neighbors did not notice his pant tent. He will be late for work.

And I stayed home almost high. I wanted to make out with him more. And I smelled of sunblock and the sea.

And I didn't even put any on... nor went to the sea.

10:17 p.m. - July 04, 2011


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