Because It's Better To Be Irrational With Me Than Rational With Someone Else


I Was Gone For A While Tending To Some Business... But Now I Am Back

Well hello! I just almost choked when I saw you! Or had a heart attack! Or SOME SORT OF AN ATTACK! Well the world is just too small... too small I say.

I met the Soldier that one time in the bar when it so happened the Filmmaker walked in and I just had to juggle the two men. See, I had the hots for the Filmmaker (his social naiveté appealed to me) but he seemed a bit flaky and a wild card, and the Soldier... well he knew what he liked and he took it. But the latter was moving to Baltimore the following week.

But wait! I was going to Washington DC for the award acceptance shortly after!

So we made a date. We meet up in DC when I am done accepting my award.

But one thing happened in the two weeks that followed my meeting with the Soldier: I started dating the Filmmaker. So I had no plans on calling the sexy soldier bastard. Or rather: I HAD NO TIME. In DC, them Bitches been slaving us at the briefings from 6 AM until 10 PM.

The second day of the training/orientation in DC, the awardees had their special night: The Award ceremony. So we all dolled up in our best suits and shirts and put our most professional faces forward that would make our mommies and daddies weep with pride. And there was me, dressed in black skirt and white shirt and red pumps to be the rebel. And I was sitting right up front, next to the stage. GREAT SEAT.

I stand there as the Military Color Guard comes in to start off the party..

That's when I died...
out of suppressed laughter and surprise.

Because of all the soldiers that could've been representing the Army in carrying the Flag... of all the possibilities, guess who was the proud Color Guard for the Army? WHO?! As HE (THE SOLDIER) is passing me, I am struggling to contain my laughter. And he is struggling with the Flag. The whole time as the procession was going on, and as the Anthem was sang, we stared at each other (we were barely ten feet away from each other) and I tried really really hard not to laugh.

Then the Color Guard departed and we were handed our awards and told how great we were and how America depends on us. Yea yea yea,.... of course....

but WTF just happened?

I never contacted him. Neither did he. And I think that was for the best.


I was asked later why I never even texted the Soldier indicating that YES I saw him. I had reasons for that: first of all, we BOTH recognized each other almost immediately, so there is no point of reminding him hour later “oh yea bozo, I saw you an hour ago...” he's already aware of this; second of all, I still couldn't believe it was him, of all the soldiers, it was him, the whole surreality of the situation made me doubt the reality of life; and third of all, why would I?

12:56 a.m. - August 12, 2011


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