Because It's Better To Be Irrational With Me Than Rational With Someone Else


I Just Love That Kid

The Filmmaker decided he really wanted to meet my parents and my brother. I was completely against the idea, but since my mom and brother happened to be in the Upstate NY area.... While the Filmmaker was bonding with my brother, my mom decided to start commenting on my new acquisition: “Hmm, he's good looking. Really nice and interesting. A generally pleasant person.” I nod. All true. He was the sweetest and smartest and just about the most non-boring person I've ever met. “I noticed you're constantly next to each other, searching for each other, holding hands or just constantly hugging. What's up with that?” I am silent. “You don't like people touching you; let alone hug, or kiss, or hold hands.” I don't... normally. But with him, it just seems.... natural.

So here's some other things:
1/ Normally, I hate being touched or be close to a person; with him... I NEED TO BE AS CLOSE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.
2/ Normally, I do not like snuggling or cuddling or any of that nonsense; with him... I yearn for it.
3/ Normally, I hate seeing the person I am dating more than three times a week; with him.... I see him every single day and that's not enough; the moment he leaves, I miss him. And as he said, even when I don't sit next to him, he starts missing me.
4/ Normally, I do not feel comfortable just driving with a person in a complete silence; with him we can do that for hours... just drive and listen to music and hold hands and feel completely content with each other.
5/ Normally, me sharing food... IMPOSSIBLE. With me SHARE and FOOD never come close to each other, not even within the same page. But with him, we SHARE everything. No matter what we order, even if it's two separate dishes, we will take half of each and share. We drink from the same cup.
6/ Normally, I would be only ever so slightly sensitive to the other person's feelings... with him, even if I am not next to him, I feel when he's in a bad mood and I call him immediately. He does so as well.*
7/ Importantly, normally, if I saw a person wear sandals, that would be an automatic disqualification in my mind. And he LOVES his sandals... and I could care less.
8/ BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I never drive my boyfriends/guys-I-date in my car. I let them drive me but I just absolutely refuse to drive them. I don't let them touch my car, or park next to it. I am an absolute raging bitch when it comes to this. With him... I took him on couple rides already**.

* One time I was having a particularly bad day, and when I was just about to pop a vain in my brain, he calls me. “What's wrong?” was the first thing out of his mouth. “Uhm... what do you mean?” “There's something wrong, you're in a bad, angry, or sad mood. So what's wrong and how can I help?”

** The fact that I speed unreasonably fast and try to race just about any person on the road at the time, did not scare him. He loved every single moment of me driving in tune with the fast techno music.

12:41 p.m. - August 16, 2011


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