Because It's Better To Be Irrational With Me Than Rational With Someone Else


I had no life or free time in the past two months

The Filmmaker and the salesman were staring at me questionably.
“uhm... why is everybody looking at me?” “Because you're the woman,” answered the salesman in the most “duh” tone. I point at the right pair of the jeans that the Filmmaker is pressing against his body for comparison. “These should do well for his body type.” The Salesman nodded in approval. “She's a keeper,” he said to the Filmmaker.
The Filmmaker bends town to bring pull out his proper size. His jeans slide down his skinny frame revealing the bright granny smith green with white polka dot boxers. MY BOXERS.
Shouldn't I be wearing his boxers? Not the other way around?

I space out.

I open my eyes and I am in my room. The little guinea pig is running around my room. Guinea pig? I've seen her before. It was the SAME little guy I had back when I used to live in my native country. Decade and half ago. Hmm. It's running around me, clearly super excited to see me. Hmm, what happened to her? What really happened to her? Did we accidentally kill her and my parents lied to us to alleviate the pain of the dead pet?
I wake up.
I text my mom asking what REALLY happened to the fluff ball.

My head is hurting. So badly. I am sick. I pop a pill. I lead the investigator to my office. There he flashes his badge too close to my eyes. He needs to practice it a bit more.

I pop a pill. I park on the nearest curb. I analyze the damage. This stupid five-car pile up. Three cars totalled and my sexy beast with half the rear left on the road. Some assholes need to learn how to drive. I want to scream: I JUST GOT THIS FUCKING CAR. But I don't. I need a little soap, a little shampoo, an a little conditioner... and other little TSA approved items.

I wake up in Denver. Week-long conference. I meet some Europeans and I party like I never partied before, but I miss my man. I miss him so much....

I wake up in DC. Hmm... how long can I travel from one side of the country to the other? Leaving my puppy my love my car every month for a week for the trips I am required to make.

My head is killing me. I space out. I open my eyes and it's midnight. I am on top of the hill on the grass. Down below you can see my city. I am laying on my back staring at the sky stars the moon. Against the moon the Filmmaker is sitting up and chugging the Riesling I got. I want to take a picture... but I am too drunk and it's probably a dream anyway.

I open my eyes and it's midnight. We are just driving ahead, passing corn fields woods sleeping villages.

We hold hands, because we shall never be torn apart.

11:40 a.m. - October 20, 2011


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