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Finding Shelter When Evacuating Can Be A Challenge

I am by no means a superstitious person, not at all. As a scientist, mind you, I believe in just a random set of coincidences or just pure stupid (bad)luck. But whichever way you slice this cake, the day was just NOT meant to be enjoyable.

11/11/11 was supposed to be the day that I drive really really fast to PA to sign over my half-totalled car to my dad's dealership in exchange for a new car; so understand my displeasure that at midnight, the start of 11/11/11, my parents call to cancel the deal. Saying I was pissed, is a gross understatement. In this pissiness, I went to sleep, because you know, I work and such...

So I'm sleeping.

Starting at 5 AM (DO PEOPLE NOT SLEEP ANYMORE?!) my parents started calling me repeatedly to let me know the deal is STILL ON and should leave now to make it before noon (drive is normally 4 hrs, with my driving: 3hrs). I told them “politely” to “scram”. I put my phone on vibrate and the vibrations of the constant parental calls lulled me to sleep.

By 9 AM I woke up with a killer cluster headache but STILL decided to go to work, because you know, it looked like it was going to be nice. It wasn't. The moment I stepped into the bus wearing just a thin hoodie over a t-shirt, it started... SLEETING. WTFinfinity?! It was all right though, because soon I'd be in my nice and warm office. I entered through the back of the building to slowly walk towards the other end where my office was... however, the screeching alarm (not fire-alarm, but more more more alarming alarm) was going off, so I joined the few and the confused outside of the building.... in the sleet. I then spotted my friend so we went for coffee. When we came back, the evacuation was still going on. Apparently, seeing how this is the chemistry building, the ventilation system shut off, thus setting off the hood alarms, alerting people that noxious chemicals were now ready to disperse through our nice and clean air. Hmm, i'd prefer fire... it'd be nice and toasty. So while everybody is standing (dis)pleased that their work with chemicals was interrupted, I was eating my breakfast sandwich and drinking my coffee, because I deserved it, I deserved it, bitches! I was in pain, I wasn't even supposed to be HERE! I was supposed to be selling my car and buying a new one! RIGHT THIS MOMENT. Instead I was enjoying the noxious fumes. Fucking-A.

Finally, we were allowed back in, and I run towards my warm office and start working... or reading comics, eitherway, doing very important stuff. Not an hour passed of me enjoying some good online comics, … uhm... work-related-articles, when I got an alert from the school to my phone. Apparently, … and here I almost stabbed someone... apparently a propane filled tanker crashed nearby my school causing a massive evacuation of half the town and massive and extensive highway/road closures. I checked the map, oh great.... my apartment complex WAS included in the evacuation zone. Even “sweeter” was the fact that now I officially had no transportation, EVEN PUBLIC, to my house. So very upset, I started listing things I SHOULD”VE probably brought with me since now I will be spending my night in the shelter. Oh, fuck a shelter, I will stay in my cozy office.

When I finally decided to brave my t-shirt and thin
hoodie in the snow, and walk to my now police-taped off living quarters to sneak into my house and grab few necessities, my boyfriend decided to pick me up. I told him no, but he wouldn't listen. So he drove me, I stole some of my stuff (laptop and phone/laptop chargers were the necessities... and a book) and wanted to be put back in my office. But my boyfriend was insistent on staying with me just in case I feel faint or whatever, the evacuation thing... was a huge deal or … something, he ignored the fact he had a sibling-date with his sister. He took me to a movie (“Take Shelter”) which was super disturbing and good. I drank coffee. We went to Target. Bought a shovel... you know, to smack my neighbor with... or for its common use that is removing shitloads of snow from your car and throwing it on your neighbor's car. And all was good. Against bf's wishes, I sneaked back to my taped off complex, and slept in my own apartment with the stench of gasoline all around me.

I woke up the next day, 11/12/11, to the sounds of a dying man. My bf insists it was actually my neighbor singing a Native American songs. I disagree, he sounded as if he was dying (or at least I hoped a bit).

Then I found out that because my bf decided to help me out in my horrible day, his parents were upset that he didn't go with his sister to their sister-brother date, and now... oh they hate me.


2:00 p.m. - November 13, 2011


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