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A moment for reflection:

Why Was 2011 a BAD Year
1/ I celebrated New Year's (2011) in Baltimore at the harbor and you'd think it would've been an experience of grandeur... and it possibly was, but all proof I have that it actually happened is the pictures I supposedly took (although even I cannot guarantee that, since I only remember getting to Baltimore, and driving back the next day).
2/ My EX cheated on me with a hooker (or so he claims). For some reason, I was devastated.
3/ Had a surgery on my eye.
4/ I won a DoD award, and got a job placement that automatically made me my EX's and my evil internship advisor's boss. Irony? → also, multiple articles featured me on their covers. Greaaaat.
5/ My beloved car got totalled by a teenager because they don't know how to drive.
6/ Stopped talking to my parents, for the nth time.
7/ My neighbors are still living next to me. AND they got a baby! (some people shouldn't reproduce or have fragile living things near them when they're regularly bashing their heads against doors).
8/ All my close friends moved away, far away.
9/ My award contract does not allow me to graduate early in August (but rather in December 2012).
10/ I purchased a hot dress for New Year's (2012) and I ended up with a flu, so I stayed at home to bitch about it.

Why was 2011 a GOOD Year
1/ I won an award that set me for life. And I am still less than grateful.
2/ As a revenge for my EX, I went and found myself a replacement (two days after I was cheated/broken up with). And it literally was love at first sight with the FILMMAKER.
3/ Filmmaker.
4/ Bought a new driving beast... on my birthday.
5/ My beloved boyfriend (Filmmaker) got all my friends (via Skype) to celebrate my b-day with me (OMFG isn't THAT JUST FREAKING CUTE?!... but seriously, I don't cry, crying is for babies, but I cried then).
6/ My award committee won't allow me to graduate early (in August) but they are willing to pay for my three month long vacation, as long as I graduate in December. … I stopped questioning the logic in this.

What Do I Look Forward To in 2012?
Getting my PhD in August (or December). Moving from this shit hole to DC. Drive across USA with the Filmmaker. Moving in together in DC. Starting an awesome job where I can be like: “HEY EX, remember me?! My name is Karma, and Karma is a bitch! I will be the boss from hell that you will come home to your prostitute gf and bitch about!!” Hoping the Filmmaker proposes (I am not the person to jump into relationships, or view a marriage as a must... but shit, I want to spend my whole life with this person).

But then I'll settle for some variety, health, intelligence, bf, happiness to me and family and friends. … Uhm, peace in the world? Yea, that sounds good.


2:13 a.m. - January 01, 2012


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