Because It's Better To Be Irrational With Me Than Rational With Someone Else


I Am Experiencing Ten Types of Different Silly Pains

I want to write a fuck you novel. Every artist has their masterpiece, that they created as a "f*ck you world, f*ck you". Remember that little movie Fight Club adapted from the little novel of the same title? That was Chuck Palahniuk's f*ck you novel and see where that got him. He is my hero.

Not that I should be comparing myself to a great writer like him. I just want to write something…

Eh, maybe I should just stick to the scientific writing.


So I am in pain.
1/ I was hungry. My fridge resembles a fridge of a bachelor: only condiments. I do not eat out. Hmm… then what do I eat? I try my hardest not to get hungry; but when the unthinkable happens, I improvise. Today, I found a wrap, but I couldn't wrap that around anything tangible, so I drenched it with horseradish , rolled it… and ate it. Strangely I found it rather delicious, despite the nose-hair burning sensation. Now, my stomach hurts.
2/ I woke up with a strange pain in my chest area. That heart thing, that thing was hurting me. I couldn't place the pain and the strange heaviness overcoming me, to any pain I have experienced before. Took me couple hours, but I am smart, and I figured it out: I am in love. For the second time in my life… what the hell did I get myself into? *


* more in the next entry, whenever that will be.

2:10 a.m. - November 03, 2008


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