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A Story of How A Meat Fork Would Both Ruin and Save Me At the Same Time

On Saturday, I was invited to a dinner at my friend's house (whose mom was visiting and cooked <-- IMPORTANT FACT). Along the invitees were other first-year grads in chem. Except maybe three or four people.

A girl who I completely despise was one of the invited. Everybody knows that I cannot stand her; everybody knows it because I am VERY open about disclosing this information. I do act professional around her, and are completely fake nice (which she does the same thing to me).

I knew that the dinner will be ruined because of her presence. I knew that I will either commit suicide by meat fork, or I will use said fork in her stabbing. But I analyzed the consequences well:
1/ if i suicided because of her, she wins.
2/ if i stab her, i end up in jail. being jailed because of her is a waste. once again, she wins.
Since this was a lose-lose situation for me, I decided to act civil.

But it was SO hard!

In one of the conversations, she bragged about being part of Dr. D's group (if he doesn't win a Nobel Prize in Medicinal Chemistry any time soon, I will be very surprised. The guy is a genius and everybody wants to work for him).

!!![Keep in mind, that joining groups at this point is highly secret and unofficial. We are not allowed to join groups until next year or this summer at the earliest]!!!

My best friend annoyed with her rant, interrogated her:
him: Did he assign you a specific project/research?
she stated that right now she just observes.
Him: Do you have an office in his lab?
She says no.
him: Do you have a computer in said lab?
She shakes her head but adds she has her own laptop.
him: Is your name on the door of the lab?
She states that she can't since we, first-years, are not allowed to officially join groups.
She then ponders why the questions.
him: Oh, because she does. (points at me).

And that's when the shit hit the fan. She got annoyed and started making excuses for these differences. After being shot down couple times, in front of the host's mother, she loudly announces: "Well, at least I did not sleep with my research advisor to get these things."

I almost choked on my food.

Oh very classy! This just screamed class left and right and diagonally!

Please. I did not sleep with anyone in the department. I have no need for it. My grades and experience speak for themselves. I am on top of every class and break the curve on every exam. She, on the other hand, is on the bottom of every class, and is the cause of every curving in grading.

I spoke to certain people. They said that the only reason she is floating around Dr. D's lab is just so she would get the feel of how it is working there, before they reject her. Oh, didn't you know? She's failing all her classes, and next year in this grad school program will not happen for her. Yea, I think someone should tell her; because, somehow she is convinced you can get a PhD by being in the bottom 10 percentile.

From conversation with Stan:
Me: So you're pretty nice to Girl A.
Him: I spoke to her only once. You have to be nice to people you do not speak more than once.
Me: You're very nice to Girl B.
Him: Hmm... I am. Hmm... Strange... I really am. Why am I nice to her?
Me: Maybe you like her?
Him: God no. Only if it's subconciously; but conciously... hell no.
Me: You're okay to Girl C (the girl I hate).
Him: [laughed at the ridiculousness of this].
Me: I hate her.
Him: Who doesn't?
Me: I am pretty open about my strong dislike towards her. I wonder if she knows?
Him: Everybody knows. I would not be surprised if she is the only one oblivious to this fact. Just like she is oblivious to life itself.

Why do I dislike her so? Sorry to disappoint you, but I did not pick her out of the group and decided to dislike her. I have a valid reason for this, as she has wronged me in so many ways...

Ah... one more semester of this horrible person.

11:41 p.m. - November 10, 2008


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